The subjects would be locked into it whilst the mother and father had been out working, and motivated by way of being rewarded with meals provided by an AI controlled auto dispenser, laptop sport or music break. Being mass produced, they might be cheaper than a college, ideal for sparsely populated areas, and for the educating of obscure subjects. They would even be perfect for intervals the place faculties are shut down as a result of viral outbreaks, etc. Our training system appears to be more concerned with ensuring the job safety of employees, than investing in the future of our civilisation. This drawback is more likely to turn out to be extra acute when the UK pulls out of the EU, if spending on R& D is to be maintained at this time stage.

Its priority lies in promoting off state property in order to pay off the national debt, thereby salvaging the capitalist system. Wasteful food production, transportation and methane emanating from waste tips, will proceed to indicate enterprise as usual. Multi layered inflated biomes are quicker seeking arrangements reviews to construct, while their materials require less power to supply. It’s time HMG thought out of the box, or we’ll all end up in a single ahead of we think when the Greenland ice cap collapses and its flotilla of icebergs off the western approaches plunges northern Europe into a mini ice age.

“School College Students Are Concurrently Stereotyped For Not Getting Enough Sleep And For Sleeping All The Time “

Politicians are right once they say that many individuals on incapacity benefit want to work, but the fact is that they can’t, till HMG dramatically improves working conditions. And I communicate for many individuals, who are sick of menial wages and advantages, whilst having to stomach the announcement of quite a few fat cat firm director’s remuneration particulars exposed in the newspapers. Director’s pay has doubled in 5 years to a mean of three million pounds, presumably for FTSE a hundred corporations. In a society where most people are incomes 12,000 pounds per annum, this is blatant corruption sanctioned by the highest ranges of presidency, in a society where political events are financed by rich executives. Because it’s all out in the open, psychology dictates that it is authorized.

There is after all one nice impediment to that of making a world technocracy. It is after all the inevitable demand from peoples in quite a few countries for reality and justice.

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This would in all probability be shown on a minimum of four channels. I wish to see the prevailing format changed by interactive Freeview video-on-demand theme channels, with all soap operas banned. In an age of AI and androids, further dumbing down of society by television programmes is clearly unacceptable, if people are to proceed to reign supreme. It would supply the excuse for putting in a 100Mbps Internet all through the EU at a time when 3D HD TV is about to turn out to be a reality. Hundreds of thousands of homes across the UK can not get BBC Freeview, mainly as a result of interference from building sites.

Their earnings, including earlier savings and worth of property owned, could be amassed within the state pension account. Once their debts, and so on. had been paid off, these individuals would then be transferred to stage 2, ought to they so want. Stage 1 is a controlled capitalist based mostly system, while stage 2 is neither capitalist nor communist, it’s a non-financial utopian best within a world economy. In stage 1 all financial savings and debt are converted from their original currency to electronic international dollars (EG$). The monetary dealings between governments and companies in levels 1 can be in electronic global dollars solely. Personal wealth can be restricted to half one million Gaia, the universal foreign money.

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In the imply time, a lot of our manufacturing firms are closely in debt. Most firms in the FTSE one hundred don’t make a revenue. Many cannot get the necessary funding from the banks since most UK banks are hampered by an current portfolio of dangerous loans and unhealthy money owed amounting to up to 3 times their assets. Even if they had funding, it would take a minimum of a 12 months to recruit the mandatory expert workers and train them.

  • The odor permeated your clothes and destroyed your sense of odor.
  • Many of those programmes are based mostly upon conflict, including crime.
  • There have been 9 such incidents in Portugal since 1857.
  • At the subsequent general election the electorate will be out there, many voting Conservative, not realizing that it was Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher’s monetarism that are the prime explanation for the world’s present financial woes.
  • It appears antiquated and out of step with the trendy world.