BT Meet Me VoIP Services. Consumer guide & Help

BT Meet Me VoIP Services. Consumer guide & Help

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Can there be any limitation towards the amount of people in a meeting?

Both Webex and MeetMe could have various limitations for how many individuals in a Webex Meeting Center conference (based mostly on permit kind 25 to 1,000) and a MeetMe Conference (125).

Do a headset is needed by me for BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice?

Yes, you will require a headset suitable for the Dolby system; we suggest a wired USB stereo headset for most useful quality that is audio.

Do a headset is needed by me for BT MeetMe VoIP?

Yes. BT posts a list of suggested headsets appropriate for BT MeetMe VoIP. Your IT supervisor can verify exactly how you are able to have a headset (BT will not supply the headset).

Imagine if my headset just isn’t being recognised?

Reset the headset by unplugging after which plugging the headset straight right back directly into your personal computer.

Can headsets be the reason for bad sound quality whenever making use of BT MeetMe VoIP Services?

So long as you are utilising among the suggested headsets, this will never be the explanation for low quality.

Just how do I ask other people to become listed on my conference?

The simplest way to do this is to utilize the Webex efficiency tools.

Exactly what are Webex Efficiency Tools?

Webex Productivity Tools allow it to be super easy for users to begin, schedule, invite, and join Webex conferences from their desktop or from widely used desktop applications.

How do I install Productivity Tools?

All of that is necessary is logging on to your Webex solution web web site. Whenever you log in to your Webex solution web web web web site, Productivity Tools are immediately set up on your own desktop. If automated installation is switched off on your own Webex solution web site, you additionally have the after choices to install efficiency Tools:

  1. Log on to your Webex solution web web site.
  2. Click Support > Downloads when you look at the menu that is left-hand. The Downloads page seems.
  3. Decide on a Windows or Mac type of efficiency Tools.
  4. Click Down Load. Your web web web web browser’s file download message seems.
  5. On view File dialog, click Run.
  6. The installation Wizard starts, go through the button that is next.
  7. Simply Simply Click on ‘accept conditions and terms’ and then click upcoming.
  8. Usually do not replace the installation file location, so click Then.
  9. Simply Simply Simply Click complete to finish the installation. The Webex Efficiency Tools dialog seems.
  10. Enter your website Address, User Name and Password, then click Login. The Webex Productivity Tools are set up web page seems.
  11. Click okay to shut the web web web page.
  12. Restart your working environment suite or any Office that is single programme exposed.

How can I get Webex sound integration?

Webex sound integration is a function who has become enabled in your account. Please contact your BT Account Manager.

Could I ask the solution to dial off to a participant to participate them into the BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice meeting?

Yes, the operational system will get in on the individual towards the BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice meeting. After joining you may desire to rename the caller’s line within the Webex roster to make sure you understand whoever is speaking. To achieve this, just right click the entry within the roster.

How comen’t I have served with the “Join Teleconference” discussion?

You shall just obtain the “Join Teleconference” discussion once the host has accompanied the Webex session.

just just How can I get updates into the BT MeetMe VoIP solutions pc computer pc software?

The updated BT MeetMe VoIP Services client on entry to the service if a new version of the software is available you will be prompted to download. Some improvements is going to be mandatory, some will likely to be optional.

Will there be a individual guide?

Yes, a person guide can be obtained right right here.

May I nevertheless see my Webex / BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice conference fees / reports in VMBOL?

exactly exactly exactly just What computer pc pc computer pc software do i must utilize BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice incorporated with Webex?

  • Cisco Webex pc pc computer software, which are often preloaded completely on the unit or packed each right time you have got a Webex conference
  • Webex productivity tools plug-in
  • Dolby customer plugin

I will be concerned about contact quality on my BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice call while using the Webex data sharing features.

Listed here are 3 guidelines

  1. Always check your personal computer Central Processing Unit usage. If it goes above 70% while for a call you could get audio quality problems (warbling, sounds eliminating, clipping). You may need certainly to shut several other applications.
  2. You need to preferably make use of wired connection; Wi-Fi may cause sound problems.
  3. Decide to try disconnecting your VPN, this could reduce latency and packet loss that causes issues that are sound.

How does my connection keep dropping?

The BT MeetMe VoIP solutions customer shows your status throughout your call: it shall state connected or disconnected. You may possibly keep getting disconnected through the seminar if you should be for a cordless connection or linking over your business system (VPN). You will need to disconnect and shut the conference and rejoin. Ensure that so they can log off without affecting anything if you are the chairperson babel profile search you allow others to remain in the meeting when you leave.

How do I test my speed that is internet to if it may be a problem?

Get and run test to obtain the facts for upload/download rate.

  • You’ll want at least 118kb community bandwidth upload and download available (this is certainly relevant to BT MeetMe VoIP)
  • You have got at least 100kb community bandwidth download that is available upload (this really is relevant to BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice)

A quicker connection will offer an improved quality experience.

What the results are if my VoIP audio conferencing solution just isn’t working?

When you look at the event that is unlikely this does occur you can make use of your regular BT MeetMe service, choose Call me personally or i shall contact through the Webex sound choices for simplest access.

Can BT VoIP that is meetMe be outside of Webex?

No, the VoIP functionality can only just be applied whilst in a Webex session.

Can BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice be utilized outside of Webex?

Yes, BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice lets you access Dolby VoIP in numerous methods: desktop browser, mobile application, Dolby Conference Phone, offered you have actually downloaded and installed the mandatory software for every single extra function.

Integration with mobiles to permit Webex and BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice on mobile solutions will be developed later on.

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