Hot spa hookup DIY

Hot spa hookup DIY

My post that is first on but not at all my first-time o your website. I’ve been gleaming a lot of useful information off this along with other web sites.

I simply wished to share my OWB hookup and exactly how I am warming my spa. My boiler I got is a 90’s Heatmor 200css model I traded work from a buddy for. We refurbished and washed it, it had sat within the forests for quite a while unused. I also got some make of Thermopex from him which was additionally utilized. My system is run off one Taco 007 pump this is certainly in the end that is low region of the boiler. It operates 65′ to the house about 30″ down but surfaces and undergoes the wall that is back of house in to the furnace space. After that it feeds a 24″ sidearm, 40 plate ex for on need water that is hot after that it goes to the spa ex, that is the very same pipe design as my sidearm, after which to my forced atmosphere furnace temperature ex and back once again to the boiler.

Total loop size is roughly 300′ trip that is round of pex. With absolutely absolutely nothing calling for temperature a Delta is had by me T of 4degrees. This is certainly with approximately 15′ of totally exposed thermopex sitting at the top the bottom and a temperature that is outside of.

The tub that is hot got free of charge and had been a large PITA to wash but happens to be awesome to possess, young ones like it! Its a 1991 Calspa and holds 1200gal of water. We ensure that it stays at 104F 24/7 so when you can view maybe not the cover that is best about it. We T’d into the 2″ supply line and paid off it to 1″ pex that visits the Taco 007 pump and then its paid off to 3/4″ pex towards the temperature ex then dumps to the 2″ return line returning to the bath tub. I completely bypassed every thing to warm the bath bath tub. The thing that is only utilize that the bath tub was included with could be the pump to perform jets and clean the spa on a timer. Heat kicks on / off with a high restriction aquastat T’d into the 1″ pex supply prior to the pump. It really is a really simple system that did not simply just take much to obtain operational. It’s been ready to go for just two days now with zero problems. The bath bath tub is obviously 104F and we utilize it very often.

We are now living in central MN therefore we have already been seeing mostly teens as well as solitary to below zero weather. I’ve seen really difference that is little lumber usage with hot spa included on. We have an exactly 1/2 cord rack right close to my boiler thus I could well keep very track that is good of. This will be my very first year utilizing the boiler therefore regrettably burning green timber mostly and I also’m sitting at 1/2 cable every 12 times using the temps as mentioned above.

If anybody has concerns on just how used to do the spa I would like to help out. This web site happens to be therefore useful to me personally!

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